33 Uses for Herbal Trim

Your skin will love it!

1. Relieves pains, even from shingles.
2. Relieves pain from broken bones, torn ligaments and sores.
3. Repairs tissues.
4. Removes black/blue marks from bruises, prevents bruises when put on injury asap.
5.May be used for scratches and wounds; disinfects.
6. Has helped heal hemorrhoids, both internally and externally.
7. Use as a poultice on bug, bee, mosquito and spider bites to heal and take away soreness. 1 T. Herbal Trim + 1 capsule black cohosh.
8. Can prevent scarring from cuts & wounds.
9. Prevents infection in cuts & wounds. If infected, an Herbal Trim poultice may draw out infection: Add Silver Shield for an extra boost!
10. May take away frostbite and burns.
11. Used for boils/ sores in mouth.
12. Has been used for diabetic sores that wouldn’t heal. Mix with Silver Shield.
13. Used for muscle disease, like Epstein Barr for moving muscles.
14. Has been used for cellulite/weight loss to detoxify; as well as a muscle-builder. For extra benefit: add 5 ml. of Cellutone EO blend to 8 oz. of Herbal Trim, and 3 T NSP Massage oil. Shake before each use. Take w/Lymphomax.
15. Used to firm, tone and tighten sagging muscles from weight loss.
16. Excellent skin conditioner.
17. Excellent hand & body lotion.
18. Many use it to tone/ firm facial muscles.
19. May remove brown spots from hands. Take with LIV-J or TCM Blood Build formula.
20. Heals cracks around finger/toe nails.
21. May remove dead skin /dry cracked skin on heels of feet.
22. Excellent for scalp problems.
23. Can help dissolve fatty tumors & boils: any skin eruptions. (See #14)
24. Prevents benign cells from getting worse.
25. Can breakdown bone spurs & pain of arthritis.
26. May remove pain & discomfort of sunburn.
27. Has been used to remove frizzes from hair: 2 drops in NSP Herbal Shampoo; shampoo as usual.
28. Can help wrinkles.
29. Maybe used as a douche for yeast infections and sores. Dilute w/ Silver Shield (50/50)
30. May be used in an enema for Chron’s – Celiac – infected Colitis and ulcerated colon. Dilute 50 /50 with Silver Shield.
31. Mix 1/2 bottle of NSP liquid Oregon grape with bottle of Herbal Trim for psoriasis and apply topically. Also take Oregon Grape internally (2 ½ tsp. daily). Must be on for long term. Results don’t show up for at least 6 months. (Mentioned in Prevention Magazine, 1/99 and 3/99)
32. Mix in 3 oz. Herbal Trim, 5-10 drops of Breathe Free essential oil and rub on chest for asthma attack. Can add Lobelia Extract to this.
33. Put Herbal Trim all over your body, using ace or 100% linen bandages, (or even cotton sheet) that have been soaked in hot water, wrap the entire body . Then put on “rain suit”or use Saran Wrap to cover all wrapped areas. In 20-30 minutes, remove. You can measure before and after to see inches lost. You can add 10 opened White Oak Bark capsules to Herbal Trim in varicose veins are a problem. Add Grapefruit essential oil for cellulite.

*Products available from Nature’s Sunshine Products at http://www.mynsp.com/stevens.


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