Providing All-Natural Treatments


Basic Health Consultation

Basic - $85.00 | Pro - $95.00

Hourly Fee Schedule

30-Minutes ---------------------------- $35.00

One-Hour ------------------------------ $65.00

Basic Health Consultations are recommended for people with chronic, but not serious, health problems or people who simply want to develop a program to maintain a higher level of wellness.

One-hour consultation includes EHP Intake Form evaluation, Basic or Pro DermaGRID scan and consultation. Consultation can be done in-person or via telephone. In-person consultations include an assessment of constitution and biological terrain using muscle testing. Based on the results, a program will be shared, including lifestyle choices, food choices, supplemental and/or aromatherapy program.


Better Health using Your Mobile Device...

DermaGRID Scan

Basic - $45.00 | Pro - $55.00


DermaGRID is a mobile application that utilizes dermal scanning technology to generate reports within minutes. This skin mapping dermal analysis is used to identify markers that relate to internal imbalances as well as external influences. Each report will offer customized supplement, food and esthetic suggestions matched to your specific needs.

The Pro scan offers an analysis of dietary and environmental sensitivities and a printable report. DermaGRID Scans are available to clients anywhere in the world. For instructions and DermaGRID Intake Form, visit

60-minute session includes one foot spa session, and energy drink.
*4-session package/$100
*Combine w/Basic DermaGRID Scan - $70

This deluxe, one-hour session includes one foot spa session, an energy drink and one Pro DermaGRID Scan, including printed report.

Used to clear excess wax and foreign debris from the ears. This process has been known to increase hearing and improve chronic ear and sinus problems.
*$5/additional candle


Featuring a complete line of quality nutritional supplements:


Custom Therapeutic Blends - Prices Start at $10.00

Create a custom-made aromatherapy solution. Mix healing scents (health or emotional) for you or someone you care about.
Includes; 100% Pure Essential Oils, bottle and base of your choice, i.e., Liquid Enzymes, Carrier Oil, Lotion/Cream or Salt. *Plus oil price.

Healthy Habits Classes

Healthy Habits classes and /or Solle Happy Hours can be scheduled for your group or business wellness program at your business, organization, school or home. You can learn about and discuss a wide variety of health-related topics. Featuring in-depth coverage of specific health problems and other timely subjects.

Please email to schedule your class.
*Free for non-profit organizations

  • Nutritional & Lifestyle Consultations
  • Custom Therapeutic Blends
  • DermaGRID Scans
  • Detox/Energy Foot Spas
  • Healthy Habits Classes
  • Ear Candling
  • Herbs/Supplements
  • Organic/Natural Foods
  • Weight Management